Writing Update

Some of you may know that I had a pretty bad week last week. It started off when I figured out I was barely earning enough to cover my expenses. Then I heard that someone had complained about me at work, despite the fact that I always stay behind after my shift is over to help, and often do 12 hour shifts when I don't have to, just to help them out. Because of these things I started feeling down, and then began feeling overwhelmed, knowing that I needed to work more to earn more money, which would cut into my already limited writing time.

However, my optimism has returned! I took a few days off (from writing, I still had to work, unfortunately) and spent my time reading and playing The Sims 3. It seems that I needed that rest, because I'm feeling much better about everything now. I've worked it all out, and I know what I need to do to be able to do everything I need to without losing my mind!

The first thing I decided was to stop with the 1000k in 100 days challenge. I've really enjoyed it, but it stresses me out when I don't get 1000 words written in a day, and that was starting to happen too often. However, I've enjoyed keeping track of how many words I'm writing a day, so I'll still be doing that and putting writing updates on my blog every Tuesday.

I've also decided not to do any more long shifts at work, since apparently they don't appreciate it. From now on I'll only do extra hours if it suits me. As for not having enough money, I've started doing an extra shift a week, and if I carry on doing that I should be fine. Also, we get our bonuses in a couple of weeks, so that's good too.

I've had a few days off writing, and now I'm excited to get back into it, and start writing my assignments.

So, here are my stats for the last week:

Tuesday Feb-05 - 1604

Wednesday Feb-06 - 783

Thursday Feb-07 - 64

Friday Feb-08 - 140

And on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I didn't do any writing at all, but I'm going to make up for that this week!


  1. Sorry that you had a bad week, am glad that you took sometime for yourself and cleared your head. I understand how stressful it can be, trying to fit everything in when there doesn't seem to be enough time. Hope this week is better for you :)

  2. That is really lousy. I experienced that at my old workplace too and I soon quit afterwards as I hated it so much. Hopefully you'll fair better than I did!

  3. From how kind and considerate you are on your blog I just can't imagine you being a dick or being someone who would be complained about so hopefully that stress fades to black soon enough. Good job with the writing Laura, just keep on going and I think you'll do fine.

  4. Sorry you had a bad time hope all is well now.


  5. Good job, Laura!! Glad you figured out how to stay on track. Sometimes a break is really necessary!! Hope things straighten out at work but don't let it get you down. There is always an asshole in every crowd. Keep your chin up and stay strong.

  6. Sometimes we just need a breather to gain momentum. I hope you write a bestseller and leave that job and those jerks far behind. Happy writing! :)


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