ISWG - February

It's time for another post for Alex J. Cavanaugh's ISWG.

Last month, my post was all about the two assignments that I had to hand in on the 16th, and how I was struggling with them. Well, I managed to hand them in, and I actually thought I'd done quite badly. I wasn't exactly happy with the work that I'd handed in; I just felt like I'd rushed it, and that there was so much more I could have done to make them better.

However, we were told the other day that we've all done really well in the assignments, so it seems I've been worrying about nothing! I think it's a writer thing; always wanting to improve your work.

Now, we have two brand new assignments to start working on; it never ends! I do think these assignments are easier, though, and I'm really looking forward to getting started on them. For one, we have to choose an event or sequence of events from our lives and write about it from the point of view of a biographer. This should be a fun assignment, the hardest part about it is choosing the event! I thought maybe I would write about my writing journey; the reasons I started writing, etc.

For the other assignment, we have to create a pamphlet, which can be any genre, and can be a mix of different things (short story, flash fiction, poetry etc.) I'm looking forward to getting started on this, as we get to actually publish the pamphlet, and we have to think about things like layout and design as well as the writing that needs to go into it. I was thinking of doing adaptations of either fairy tales or greek myths.

We're also creating an anthology in Creative Writing Society, with the theme of Journey. I'm part of the editing committee, so I'm really looking forward to getting started on this, too.

Now for the insecure part. I wrote the above a couple of days ago, so this paragraph is how I'm feeling right now. I was feeling really confident about everything, but that's gone. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the minute; there's just so many things going on all at once. I feel like I'm trying to take on too much, what with my assignments and the anthology and blogging, and then I just found out I'm barely earning enough to cover my expenses so I need to get some overtime in, which will obviously detract from my writing time. I'm hoping I get back on track in the next couple of days and figure everything out. I'm usually really optimistic, so I hate it when I feel like this!

At least I've finally been able to redesign my blog.


  1. Taking on too much can make one feel insecure.
    I'm sure all will work out well.....just pace yourself a little after all Rome wasn't built in a day. Good luck.

  2. It's amazing how one minute we can be on top of the world, and the next, insecure as hell. I go through that daily. So when feeling insecure, this too, shall pass.

  3. It's tough to balance a lot of things at once. What helps me is making a check list of the things I need to do. Then I pick the top priorities and make a list of the steps I need to take to accomplish them. It helps me determine how much time I might need to finish the project. As I complete each step, I check it off the list. This lets me see the progress I've made and how much closer I am to reaching my goal.

    Good luck with your project, Laura. Sometimes we produce our best work while under stress.

  4. I do the same thing. I start off feeling great about a project, and then it just kind of fizzles out until all that's left is worry. I find it's a cycle though, so eventually I'll feel great about it then.

    The biographer assignment sounds very cool. Best of luck with it!

  5. When one has too many things to do, the best to do (I think) is getting organized. Set priorities and time to do them, and stick to it. When this happens to me, I notice I often waste too much time in the worrying and don't get anything accomplished because I am not organized. When I do a list and set the priorities, and stick to it, even if I manage to finish one thing, that makes me feel better and more confident to accomplish the rest. Try, there is nothing to lose but concern. :)

  6. I hope you are able to resolve fitting everything in, you are a good writer so good luck..

    With the pamphlet I would stick with subject matter you know, that should make it slightly easier, particularly as you need to think about layout and design.

  7. I love the new blog design Laura! Great ISWG post as usual, best of luck with the project.

  8. It is a juggling act. Nice blog design! I wasn't sure I was at the right place for a second. Very clean and pretty. Keep the good work! We are halfway through the week already, at least :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  9. Feeling overwhelmed stinks, but it'll work out, Laura! *hugs*

  10. All those assignments sound like fun! It always seems everything comes at once, though. Just work your way through and know that it too will come to an end. That's kind of the nice thing about most of this :)

  11. love the new blog look! But, having said that, maybe you could take a brief hiatus from blogging. Not that I want you to go anywhere!! But, if you are feeling overwhelmed, school and work should definitely come first. Just make sure to warn us if you are going to take a break. :) Good luck with everything and congrats on doing well with the first assignment!! The new ones sound really interesting.


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