Greek Myth Poetry: Part One

I said I'd be putting some of my poems for my upcoming pamphlet assignments on here, and here they are. The first is based on the story of Pegasus and Bellerophontes, and the second is based on the story of Midas. I'll be putting up another two tomorrow.


The golden bridle
Delivered in a dream,
A gift from the Gods;
Clutched tightly
In shaking hands,
As he observed
The winged beauty
Grazing peacefully.
He leapt onto
The horse’s back,
Slipping the bridle
Over his handsome head,
And Pegasus surrendered
To his new Master.
They rode together,
Defeating the chimera
That terrorised the land.
They became heroes,
Worshipped by all.
Gifted a wife and
Kingdom for his victory,
A perfect life, but
It was not enough.
Craving adventure,
He rode Pegasus
To Mount Olympus,
Home of the Gods.
Furious at the arrogance
Of this mortal,
Zeus sent a gadfly
As punishment.
Stung, Pegasus bucked;
His rider was lost.
Crippled and alone,
Forsaken by the Gods
Who once helped him,
He wandered the Earth
For the rest of his days,
Searching for his steed.


A wish granted
For a job done well;
Creation of gold,
With a single touch.
Endless possibilities,
The ability to be more
Rich and powerful
Than any other man.
Start off small,
A twig, a stone;
Solid gold.
A feast to celebrate
This newfound power;
Solid gold.
Loyal servants,
Trying to help,
Solid gold.
A loving daughter,
Offering comfort,
Solid gold.
The perfect wish;
A curse in disguise.
Sat alone, in his
Golden mansion,
Unable to eat, drink, love;
Be careful what you wish for.


  1. Well done its a great subject to work on, some of the tales of the Greek Gods are even stranger than my own . . . . . . .

    1. Thanks! They really are, I'm having loads of fun researching them! I think my sister's getting fed up of me reading the really weird ones out to her, there are so many.

  2. Awesome job!
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading more of your poems ;)

    1. Thanks! Some more up tomorrow :)

  3. This is just awesome Laura, I love how you're interested in stuff like this, I love this kind of thing.

    1. Thank you :) I find it really interesting, so it's a good subject to write about!


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