Rhodes 2016

So as most of you know, I recently spent a couple of weeks in Rhodes, Greece. I had an absolutely fantastic time; I can't wait to go again next year. I thought I'd share some pictures of my time there.

The bay of Lindos, seen from the Acropolis, a 5 minute drive from where we stayed in Pefkos.

The Acropolis

The hot, hot sun shining on me at the Acropolis

We saw a snake, right outside our hotel - the first wild one any of us had seen in person (they're not so common here in England)

We couldn't let the trip go by without a visit to the Crepe House! That's my lovely sister Katie in the picture.

Rhodes Old Town

My sister (right) and I in front of a fountain in Rhodes Old Town

Here are a couple of pictures taken from a boat off the coast of Rhodes Town.

Here are a few photos taken from our day trip to the other side of the island, where we visited Butterfly Valley and the ancient city of Kamiros:

It's much greener on the other side of Rhodes island, and a little cooler.

We found this gorgeous kitten at one of our stops while we were on a coach tour; he/she got a lot of attention! 

You can see a couple of the islands surrounding Rhodes in the distance.

 This is the ancient city of Kamiros, abandoned a long time ago after an earthquake, all that's left now are ruins:

And now for Butterfly Valley, I've never seen so many butterflies all in one place:

Here's one of the crabs at Butterfly Valley, the butterfly's main predator.

These are just a few of the pictures I took whilst I was in Rhodes, hope you've enjoyed seeing them!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a fun adventure.
    That really is a lot of butterflies in one place.
    Didn't realize England doesn't have a lot of snakes. I've probably seen a hundred or more in the wild in my lifetime.

  2. Fantastic photos. I love that sense of history hitting you in the face. It sounds just my kind of place :-)

  3. Wow, it looks really beautiful. And I'm sure you had a fantastic time there. :-)

  4. What incredible pics! How exciting to spend two weeks in Greece! I was lucky to spend a week there MANY years ago, but it looks the same. What I remember most was how clear the sapphire blue water was and the ZILLIONS of stars in the indigo blue sky.

  5. Wow what amazing pictures!!! Just beautiful. Rhodes is clearly a spectacular place!!!
    Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you had such a great trip. Cute picture of you and your sister together! It's obvious you're having a blast.

  6. Awesome! First, you and your sister are adorable! The snake, not so much. But the Acropolis and the ruins were amazing. Thanks!!!

  7. Wonderful photos! Glad you had such a lovely time. The photo of you and your sister is really nice. I especially love all the butterflies, the tiny waterfall, and the ruins. Thanks for sharing!


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