Goals for August

It's actually the 21st July as I write this, but I wanted to get it written and scheduled before I go to Greece in a couple of days, as I don't get back until about a week into August, and I want this to post before I get back.

Here's how I did on my July goals:

- Spend half an hour each day blogging - I've spent a lot more time blogging this month than I have for a long while, and it's been lovely! I've so missed the blogosphere, and it's been nice visiting all of your blogs again! I haven't quite been spending half an hour each day blogging, but some days I've spent more time and other days less, so I've made up for it.

- Spend an hour a week writing
- Done! I've been concentrating on re-writing my outline for a NaNo project I wrote way back in 2013. I figured out the reason I wasn't doing so well on my rewrites is because my outline wasn't detailed enough. I'm nearly done with the outline now, and it's so much better than the one I was working off originally. I've really enjoyed spending the time on it, too; I've been spending about 2 hours a week on it, and it's flown by. 

- Read 4 books
- So as of today, I haven't reached this goal yet, but I'm certain I will have by the time this posts. When I went to Greece last year I read 7 books in 7 days, and this year I'm going for 14 days, so I have high hopes! 

It's been a fantastic month for my goals, let's hope I do just as well in August! 

Here are my August goals:

- Spend half an hour each day blogging - So I'm keeping this goal the same; half an hour a day is plenty, for now. 

- Finish my outline - I should definitely get this done this month, I'm nearing the end anyway, then I can get started on rewrites. 

- Spend two hours a week writing - this shouldn't be too difficult; I did much better with the one hour writing a week in July than I thought I would. I may even get to 3 or 4 hours, but we'll see! 

Here's hoping I have as good a month in August as I did in July! 


  1. Well done!
    Hope you're having a great time in Greece.

  2. Enjoy Greece and congrats on doing so well with your goals.

  3. You totally kicked trash with your July goals! Way to go. And way to up your game for August. Can't wait to hear about Greece!

  4. Congrats on meeting your July goals! Hope we get to see lots of photos of Greece!


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