Goals for June

So the last time I wrote a goals post was back in March, and I barely completed any of those goals, so I'm just going to start again!

So here are my goals for June:

- To write and publish at least two blog posts every week

- To read 4 books

- To plan for next month's Camp NaNo

For the last few weeks the only blog posts I have been putting up every week are my Celebrate the Small Things posts, and sometimes I didn't even manage to put those up. I'm looking forward to varying my blog posts again!

The reading goal will be the easiest to complete - I'm reading a lot lately - but the Camp NaNo planning will be the hardest. It's been a while since I did any writing that wasn't blog posts or shopping lists, but I'm determined to get something done this month, writing-wise, and I really would love to be able to participate in Camp NaNo next month.


  1. I see where you have read 16 books of 50 which is great for someone young working full-time, hopefully partying hardy. I'm pushing 60 so no one is wanting me to party with them. I fall sleep about 9 PM or anytime the lights are lowered. lol

    Take care, and keeping making goals. Life is good.

  2. Good luck on your goals for June. You'll have a busy month ahead of you :)

  3. Good luck, girl! Debating whether or not to do Nano. I've never done it in the summer, but have completed both the November and April ones. I suppose perhaps I'll give it a go! =)

  4. Best of luck with your goals Laura.

  5. You might cut back on your blog goals if you're going to Camp Nano. The satisfaction of seeing something instantly published can get in the way of doggedly doing the long-term writing.


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