Crystal Collier - Moonless Character Interview

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Today I'm helping Crystal Collier out with her blog tour to promote her novel, Moonless, by doing a character interview.

Alexia’s nightmares become reality: a dead baron, red-eyed wraiths, and forbidden love with a man hunted by these creatures. After an attack close to home, Alexia realizes she cannot keep one foot in her old life and one in this new world. To protect her family she must either be sold into a loveless marriage, or escape with her beloved and risk becoming one of the Soulless. MOONLESS is Jane Eyre meets Supernatural.

Kiren takes a seat across from Laura, ginger hair framing his clean-shaven face. Paralyzing blue eyes lift to his interviewer and one eyebrow pops. 

- Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Did I agree, or did my writer agree?

- If you hadn’t wanted to take part, I’m sure your writer couldn’t force you.

*he smirks*

-So tell me, what is it that draws you to Alexia?

*his fingers tighten into a fist* She has an innate goodness about her—a willingness to see the best in others. Unfortunately, she is also na├»ve and vulnerable to the dangers of our world. 

-Do you see yourself as her protector, or something more?

*eyes flash* I am a danger to her.

- Would you rather have a quiet life, or an action filled one?

A quiet life… *voice softening* …I had one, and sabotaged it by my own antics. *sitting up straight* Every day I regret that decision. 

- How did you sabotage your quiet life, and why?

That is quite another story, and not one I’m inclined to divulge…though I fear it will come to light eventually. 

- What is it you lost, when you left that life behind?

My world. *sits back and crosses his arms*

-If you could, would you go back to that quiet life?

Not if it meant leaving Alexia to her fate.

- How would you describe your personality?

*brow crinkles* I’ve never actually thought about it. Perhaps solid?

-How do you think Alexia would describe your personality?

If she’s wise, she would describe it as terrifying.

- If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Nothing. *rubs a hand over the jagged, white scar cutting across his cheek* What I am is a direct result of my choices. To alter myself would mean losing a piece of my history.

- What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

If I told you that, you wouldn’t survive the day. Let me see…within the realms of safety? I am quite pleased with the mastery of my passions.

-Thanks for answering my questions, Kiren.

It has been a pleasure. Now I’m off to confront my author. *winks*

Crystal, author of MOONLESS, is a former composer/writer for Black Diamond Productions. She can be found practicing her brother-induced ninja skills while teaching children or madly typing about fantastic and impossible creatures. She has lived from coast to coast and now calls Florida home with her creative husband, three littles, and “friend” (a.k.a. the zombie locked in her closet). Secretly, she dreams of world domination and a bottomless supply of cheese. You can find her on her blog and Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

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  1. This is cute. Best of the weekend to you!

  2. This is so well done Laura and makes Moonless seem like it's going to be a classic, I really want to read it now.

    1. Oh! Please do? *batting eyes* Please? With a helping of cheese?

  3. Love this! Kiren sounds like a character I've just got to meet!

    1. You really do. He's, well, amazing. My editor is still drooling over him. =)

  4. So much fun! Great interview, Laura!
    And Crystal- I'm so digging learning about all these wonderful characters of yours!

  5. How fun! I love it :)
    Congrats Crystal and best of luck with Moonless, it sounds awesome!

  6. I know how he feels Miss Laura and Miss Crystal, I have the same trouble with the Ghost Writer giving me this shambolic hair.

    Well done . . . . And tell him he can borrow my steam powered newt if it will help.

    1. Steam powered newt, eh? He just might like that.

  7. I love character interviews! Kiren seems like such a fascinating character. I especially love his answer when asked about what he'd change about himself. That's always been my viewpoint, too...

  8. Been seeing this book a bit mentioned in other blogs. Keep enjoying your free publicity. :D

  9. "To alter myself would mean losing a piece of my history." -- Never thought of that before, but it is so true. Best quote I've seen in a long time.

  10. Nice character interview... something I've never done. :) I've entered the raffle, and would love to read Moonless! Writer’s Mark

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    1. Even with that smug, grinning hottie? I tell you what, he can be difficult!

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