Goals for March

Here's how I did on my February goals:

- House hunt - We've found a new house to live in, and we've already moved there, which is a big relief.

- Read 4 books - I've actually read 5 books this month, which is great. The only upside to a week without internet! 

- Participate in WEP - This is the only goal that I didn't achieve; what with the move and everything, I just didn't have time! I will definitely take part in the next one. 

Here are my goals for March:

- Read 4 books - I should get this done no problem, although it was easier when I didn't have the internet to distract me! 

- Plan my A to Z posts - I haven't done any A to Z planning yet, it's not good! I'm determined to get all of my posts written in advance; I don't want to give up half way through like last year! 

I'm going to leave it at that for my goals this month; I think the A to Z one is big enough! 


  1. Nice job on your February goals, especially given that you had deal with a move. That's never easy.

    Best of luck with your March goals. I have to plan my A t Z posts, too.

  2. I'm behind on my A-Z posts as well. You got most of your goals and with a move too? Congrats!

  3. No worries on WEP. You have a house now - that's important. Now, get to work on those Challenge posts.

  4. I'm still contemplating whether or not I can do the A-Z Challenge this year. I can't come up with a theme and April is so close! Good luck with your plans for March, Laura :)

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  6. I've been working on my A to Z Challenge posts feverishly. It's my first year participating, and I knew if I didn't do them ahead of time, I'd never make it! Good luck getting yours written before April too. It really does take a month to write them all. I'd love for you to keep tabs on my progress too. I'm over at Ink & Stitches: blog.jhwinter.com. We can cheer each other on!


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