New Years Resolutions

I realise that I'm pretty late in getting these up, but they're part of my new found motivation. So, my new years resolutions for this year are as follows:

- Read 50 books - once again I've set up a Goodreads reading challenge to read 50 books. I only made it to 43 last year, and I'm determined to hit my goal this year. I'm on track so far, so hopefully this year I manage to reach my goal.

- Bake more - I'm going to aim to bake once a week. I love baking, and I got a couple of new recipe books for Christmas, so there are a lot of new recipes I want to try out.

- Eat more healthily - I realise this is a very popular resolution, but it's also an important one. I haven't been eating healthily at all lately, and I want that to change. I love to cook, I just need to plan my time better.

- Go to the gym - Again, I know this is a popular one, but it goes hand in hand with my eating healthier. The only exercise I get is walking at work (which I do a lot of, to be fair) so I'd like to get some more exercise.

- Blog regularly - I've been a terrible blogger lately, and I want that to change. I've got some ideas for more regular blog posts, and I'll be joining in with a few blog hops, including the A to Z challenge in April.

- Write regularly - I hardly got any writing done last year, and this year is going to be different! I've been working on the same WIP for over a year now, and I'm determined to finish it this year, as well as starting new projects.


  1. Good goals!
    Most people just want to lose weight. I think eating healthier is a better goal.

  2. Bake more...I like that goal. :) I want to bake more too.

  3. Now that my kids are out of the house, I bake so much less and I miss it. But if I bake it and there's no one here to eat it except me... not good.

  4. These are great goals, Laura. All the best with them, especially the health ones. They are the hardest, but reap so many all-round rewards beyond just feeling better. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which can only make you a better writer. :)

    Your bio says you live in Hull. Is that still true? I don't think I ever knew that about you. I went to University in Hull. Practically lived there for about 4 years.

  5. Ditto! Wonderful goals, keep them posted where you can see them and you'll always be reminded of them. It does help!
    A WIP is just that a work in progress - keep at it!


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